Hi Guys! I hope everything goes well!! Today i wanna show you some top fabrics for summer. Spring/Summer 2016 collections recommend to use some fresh fibres like Jute, Linen, Cotton and even Paper!! For my outfit i chose Aglini shirt with micro

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"There are always two choices in life: accept the conditions we live in, or take responsibility for change" ... I chose the second! Guys, today it's a sunny i wanderlust and i wanna propose you a cool Stone'As sweater with Fendi papillon and fresh

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Hi People! It's Ok?! Today it's sunny and i'm chillin' wearing my posh Monk in black leather by MAIOUN shoes. The cool thing is that you can change the outsole and choose you favourite color! Top Korean Quality! And, what you think about

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Model Imperfection

Hi Guys! What's up? Today i wanna speak about me, my work, and what i do everyday! All of you know that being a model, you need to have so many requirements...all the people want to see you in perfect shape. I think that Perfection does not exist.

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Hi Guys! Hope everything is fine! This shooting is a work of some time ago for an elegant concept of men's style published in an Londoner editorial. These days i'm very busy with the shootings, specially for the iconic Versace Eros Purfum! I'm so

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