Hi Guys Throwback: shooting inspired by my idol Steven Klein, with androgen Balenciaga black coat and Lanciotti De Verzì brogues shoes. I hope you love this crazy look!! lol Enjoy EDOARDO Ehi bella gente! Si torna indietro nel tempo con

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Hi Guys! Dandy, Hipster:  Temporary Mode. Stop please with these super long beards and skinny pants too. Feel free to be yourself , express yourself, be natural, is the best thing! Guys my Scoth&Soda gilet is TOP, i'm feel like Johnny Depp (in

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Model Imperfection

Hi Guys! What's up? Today i wanna speak about me, my work, and what i do everyday! All of you know that being a model, you need to have so many requirements...all the people want to see you in perfect shape. I think that Perfection does not exist.

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Hi Guys! Hope everything is fine! This shooting is a work of some time ago for an elegant concept of men's style published in an Londoner editorial. These days i'm very busy with the shootings, specially for the iconic Versace Eros Purfum! I'm so

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Hi guys, this new project is starting right now. I totally love play with the "tie die" and flowers fantasies. I think that my black Zara Blazer with blue silk inserts, and the fresh Giannetto Portofino Shirt are flawless together U? What do you

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